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Small Tents

10 x 10 ft ​Canopy tents

Colors: white


20 x 20, 20 x 30, 20 x 40 ft tents

colors: white, red & white, yellow & white

30 x 30, 30 x 45, 30 x 60 ft tents

colors: white, green & white


Large Tents

40' Wide tents, smallest being 40 x 40 but we can make it as large as you would need

colors: white, blue & white

40x big.jpg

60 x 60, 60 x 90, 60 x 120

colors: blue & white


Seating Options

Chairs, Linens, and Risers

Sturdy and easy to move chairs are a necessity for any gathering. Linens provide an elegant touch. Risers make a great addition for head tables.

picnic tables.jpg

Picnic Tables

Picnic tables are easy and affordable for your guests' comfort


Our Products

Transporting Cocktail Bar

A great place to serve refreshments!


Wooden Barn Tables

These rustic looking tables could add a unique aesthetic to your event!

Portable Toilets

Porta-pots, Porta-Johns, Porta-Potties, Bathroom Stalls, Portable Stalls,  Portable Restroom...whatever you call the, we have them!

Make the easy decision and let us take care of the dirty work. We offer regular and handicap accessible stalls.


Other Items

Hand Sanitizer Stations

A popular item in today's world


Yard Pong

A fun and easy way to entertain company for a family gathering or graduation party, We supply the "cups" and volleyballs!

Hand Cleaning Stations

With a built-in water tank and on-board soap dispensers, this rental item can go wherever the party is!


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